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Donald "Don" Verhees


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Hello everyone. I've built this little site just to sell my book "Looking Back, Leaning Forward". The title is explained in the book's preface. I'm not very tech savvy, thus I'm using "" to create what you see. I had to go this way in order to work with PayPal. I don't intend to do much more with this site; perhaps adding some photos especially if they weren't in the book. I do most of my NATO Tiger Association writing on, during the Tiger Meets and in my semiannual NewsNote. Blogs I don't do.


The price if ordered here will be 22 Euros (for EU and North Ameica, other countries it's an aditional 5 Euros) which covers packaging, mailing costs, and PayPal costs. I plan to sell the book in person at the following aviation events: RIAT Fairford 7-10 July, and KB/Sanicole 9-11 Sep, and NTM'17 at Landivisiau, France. The price in person at these shows will be 17€, since there is no wrapping and mailing to do, or fees to cover.


NOTE: After sending several copies to friends and family in North America, especially USA, I'm sad to say that for some states it seems to take forever to get there. To the east coast they arrived within about 10 days. Midwest about 3 weeks and west coast more than 4 weeks. I have no idea why it took so long. In general I thought that French mail was pretty slow, but now I've found an even slower postal system - in my own country! But the good news is that none were lost. So I ask patience, even for Europe.


NOTE 2: Except for France I'm using "book rate" postal prices. (This could be one of the reasons for the slow mail.). There are rumors that such a tarif might be in its last months; so I reserve the right to boost the price if necessary (perhaps in 2017). Anyway, I'm saving you money so it's like your next beers are free!